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22 July, 20:25

Which statement would support a merit of the Bronsted-Lowry base theory has over the Arrhenius base theory?

A) Hydronium ions are Bronsted-Lowry bases released in solution.

B) Bronsted-Lowry bases include both proton and hydroxide acceptors.

C) The Bronsted-Lowry bases can act as electron and proton acceptors.

D) Hydroxide ions are the only Bronsted-Lowry bases produced in solution.

Answers (2)
  1. 22 July, 21:22
    Bronsted-Lowry bases include both proton acceptors and hydroxide ions.


    Bronsted Lowry base theory includes all bases that can act as proton acceptors. This includes Arrhenius bases include bases that can produce hydroxide ions in solution, such as sodium hydroxide, and more traditional proton acceptors like ammonia, NH3 ...
  2. 22 July, 22:19
    Bronsted Base is an H + acceptor

    No good answer Bronstead base does not accept hydroxide or electrons
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