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13 October, 12:31

1. Is O2 a compound? Explain.

2. Is O2 a molecule? Explain.

3. State the law of conservation of matter, and give an example demonstrating its meaning.

4. Electrolysis is used to break liquid water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. If I begin with 10 grams of liquid water, will the total mass of the two gases be greater than, less than, or equal to 10? Why?

5. What kind of observations can indicate a transfer of energy has taken place in a reaction?

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  1. 13 October, 12:54
    1. O2 is not a compound because it only contains one or more type of the same element atom.

    2. O2 is a molecule because a molecule is one or more of the same element atom.

    3. The law of conversion is that the mass of the system will stay the same when transfer takes place. Like if you had an equation O+H2-> H2O the mass will remain the same.

    4. It will be equal to 10 because of law of conservation of matter.

    5. One observation can be that the compound, reaction you're observing, has change states.
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