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5 February, 15:01

A 2 M solution with an initial volume of 1 L is diluted to 2 L. What is the Molarity of the final


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  1. 5 February, 16:58
    The molarity of the final solution is 1 M.


    A simple equation to use is M1V1=M2V2.



    M1V1 are the initial conditions, while M2V2 are the final conditions. Initially, the problem tells us that the solution is 2 M with an initial volume of 1 L. It also gives the final volume, but not the final molarity, which is what we are trying to solve for. Using the equation, plug in the given conditions:


    (2 M) (1 L) = (M2) (2 L)

    Solve for M2, the final molarity.

    M2 = (2 M) (1 L) / (2 L)

    M2 = 1 M
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