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20 April, 02:41

Protista are often grouped according to whether they are plant-like or fungus-like. What is another way they can be grouped? Bacteria-like arcahebacteria-like animal-like virus-like

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  1. 20 April, 03:19
    The right answer is animal-like.

    Protists are unicellular living organisms about 0.1 mm in size, such as amoeba, paramecium and euglena.

    Protists are a paraphyletic group in the phylogenetic classification. They were, in classical classification, the fourth reign of the domain of eukaryotes but they are currently defined by exclusion, that is to say that they are all eukaryotes belonging neither to mushrooms nor to plants or animals.
  2. 20 April, 04:02
    the answer is animal-like, I resiliently took a test on it.
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