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Identify which subatomic particle match each descriptions

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    The complete question is given below:


    Identify which subatomic particle match each description:

    1) Particles that have a relative charge of + 1.

    Proton have the relative charge of + 1.

    2) Particles that have a relative charge of - 1.

    Electron have relative charge of - 1.

    3) Particles that have no charge.

    Neutron have no charge. It is neutral.

    4) Particles that are located in the nucleus of an atom.

    The protons and neutrons both are present in the nucleus.

    5) Particles that have a much lower mass than the other types of particles.

    Proton and neutrons are present in the nucleus. The most mass of an atom present in nucleus while electrons are present out side the nucleus and have negligible mass as compared to neutron and proton.



    The electron is subatomic particle that revolve around outside the nucleus and has negligible mass. It has a negative charge.

    Symbol = e-

    Mass = 9.10938356*10-31 Kg

    It was discovered by j. j. Thomson in 1897 during the study of cathode ray properties.

    He constructed the glass tube and create vacuum in it. He applied electric current between electrodes. He noticed that a ray of particles coming from cathode to wards positively charged anode. This ray was cathode ray.

    Properties of cathode ray:

    The ray is travel in straight line.

    The cathode ray is independent of composition of cathode.

    When electric field is applied cathode ray is deflected towards the positively charged plate.

    Hence it was consist of negatively charged particles.

    Proton and neutron:

    While neutron and proton are present inside the nucleus. Proton has positive charge while neutron is electrically neutral. Proton is discovered by Rutherford while neutron is discovered by James Chadwick in 1932.

    Symbol of proton = P+

    Symbol of neutron = n0

    Mass of proton=1.672623*10-27 Kg

    Mass of neutron=1.674929*10-27 Kg

    An atom consist of electron, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are present with in nucleus while the electrons are present out side the nucleus.

    All these three subatomic particles construct an atom. A neutral atom have equal number of proton and electron. In other words we can say that negative and positive charges are equal in magnitude and cancel the each other. For example if neutral atom has 6 protons than it must have 6 electrons. The sum of neutrons and protons is the mass number of an atom while the number of protons are number of electrons is the atomic number of an atom.
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