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19 July, 13:00

Which of the following molecules may diffuse freely through a phospholipid bilayer? (select two answers) asparagine, an amino acid with a large, hydrophilic side chain alanine, an amino acid with a small, hydrophobic side-chain testosterone, a steroid hormone fructose, a monosaccharide molecular oxygen (O2)

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  1. 19 July, 14:30
    testosterone, a steroid hormone

    molecular oxygen (O₂)


    Phospholipid Bi layer is permeable to some molecules and it will allow them to pass through it freely. Molecules which are soluble in water (polar molecules or hydrophillic molecules) are less permeable through phospholipid Bi layer. In given options Molecular Oxygen and Testosterone (steroid Hormone) are permeable through the layer because of its lipid solubility and size of the molecule.
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