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12 June, 15:45

List three criteria used to identify a cold front.

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  1. 12 June, 16:29
    A cold front is a transition zone from warm air masses to cold air masses. We use weather elements to identify cold fronts.

    Temperature: Since air moves from warm masses to cold masses, the air in a cold front is at different temperatures. The air behind a cold front is warm while the one ahead is cold. This implies that within a cold front is at different temperatures. Precipitation: Prior to the passing of cold front, precipitation is usually rife with low showers. A coldfront in itself is usually accompanied by heavy rainfall full of thunderstorms and lightening. After a coldfront, the showers steadies and decreases. Pressure changes: before a coldfront, the atmospheric pressure decreases steadily. When the front arrives, the pressure further lowers with a sharp increase thereafter. After the front, the pressure can continue to increase.
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