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30 August, 00:55

How can one determine if a bond between two atoms is ionic covalent or metallic?

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  1. 30 August, 02:34
    By the Pauling rule, of EN


    EN means electronegativity, the ability of atoms to attract electrons.

    In the periodic table each atom, has a value of EN.

    When there are two atoms bonded, you must substract the EN (the high - the low) → ΔEN

    It depends on the ΔEN, that you can define a bond as ionic, covalent or metallic.

    Ionic ΔEN → > 1.7

    Covalent polar 0.4 1.7

    Covalent non polar 0.4 < ΔEN

    Two metals have always a metallic bond
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