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18 February, 19:28

Describe how each of these geological processes affect rocks as part of the rock cycle:

• Heat and pressure:

• Weathering, erosion, and deposition:

• Melting and cooling:

• Compacting and cementing:

• Uplift and exposure:

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  1. 18 February, 19:50
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  2. 18 February, 21:14
    Heat and pressure = Metamorphic rocks

    #1Weathering/#2erosion/#3deposition = #1 Shaves off bits and pieces over time. / #2 Breaks of pieces-chunks quickly happens in short period of time, I think / #3 moves pieces of rock-sediment-soil to different places by weathering.

    Melting & cooling = Melted rocks underground is called magma/then usually comes out of a volcano and is called lava, then hardens to igneous rock

    Compacting & cementing = Called compaction - particles of sediment begin to stick to each other - they are cemented together by clay, or by minerals like silica or calcite. The sedimentary sequence then has changed into a sedimentary rock.

    Uplift & exposure = ?
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