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21 February, 05:46

The modern atomic model includes electrons orbiting the nucleus. Which of the following parts of Dalton's atomic model was disproved by the discovery of the neutron?

A. Atoms are tiny particles

B. Atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts

C. Atoms have specific mass and size

D. Atoms have specific chemical properties

Answers (2)
  1. 21 February, 06:15
    Answer: option C.
  2. 21 February, 06:40
    B. Atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts.


    Since there are other smaller particles in the atom, such as subatomic particles, which are smaller particles than the atom. They can be elementary particles or be made up of other particles, such as quarks, which are made up of protons and neutrons. However, there are other subatomic particles, which are not part of the atom, such as neutrinos and bosons.
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