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Adam has decided to add a table in a Word doc to organize the information better. Where will he find this option?

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  1. 8 November, 10:20
    In the ribbon of options, go to "Insert" and being there look for the option of "tables", finally insert the table that supplies your needs
  2. 8 November, 10:39
    For the latest version of Microsoft word (e. g. 2013 and 2016) follow this steps:

    1) Locate the ribbon (the upper section of the window)

    2) click on insert tab

    3) click on table

    4) select how many rows and columns you want by clicking on the squares that you see

    4) alternatively, you can click on 'insert table ... ' and (besides other options) select number of rows and columns needed

    After this, the table will be inserted in you document
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