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Assume that the data on a worksheet consume a whole printed page and two columns on a second page. You can do all of the following except what to force the data to print all on one pageIncrease the left and right margins.

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  1. 8 June, 21:45
    Increase the left and right margins.


    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application package from the Microsoft office package. It is a tool used for analysing and cleaning and/or organising information.

    It's worksheets are made of cells located by columns or fields and rows or records. A collection of worksheets is called a workbook. An Excel file can be printed after use.

    When a print layout is viewed and printed, and columns of the file is printed on another page. To avoid this, reduce the size of the columns and the size of the left and right margins and also decrease the scale value and change to a bigger paper printer size if required.
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