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Why is redundancy of data undersirable?

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  1. 1 April, 22:08
    The redundancy of the data is usually undesirable as, in the database structure design it basically causes issues keeping up consistency after the updating from the system. Be that as it may, excess can once in a while lead improving the performance of the system.

    The data redundancy also waste several type of data in the disk storage that cause the waste of memory so that is why it is undesirable.

    For instance, we use the redundancy can be utilized instead of joining to the interface information.
  2. 1 April, 22:18
    Answer and Explanation:

    Redundancy refers to the presence of the copy of the data, i. e duplication of data in the system's database.

    Redundancy is not desirable because of the following reasons:

    It wastes away the storage space. It has negative influence on the database efficiency. The response time and execution time of the system increases as a result of the presence of redundant data in the system. It reduces the system's reliability. It makes the system slow and the processes consumes more time.
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