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What is an internet protocol (ip) address? how is it organized hierarchically?

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  1. 20 July, 00:21
    An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical name allotted to every gadget associated with a PC network that uses the Web Convention for correspondence. An IP address serves two chief capacities:

    1) Host or network interface identification

    2) Location addressing.

    Hierarchical routing is the technique of organizing switches in a progressive way. A decent case is considering a corporate [intranet]. Most corporate intranets comprise of a rapid spine arrange. Associated with this spine are switches which are thus associated with a specific workgroup. These workgroups possess a one of a kind LAN. The reason this is a decent course of action is on the grounds that despite the fact that there may be many diverse workgroups, the traverse (hop count to get from one host to some other host on the system) is 2. Regardless of the possibility that the workgroups isolated their LAN organize into littler segments, the traverse could just increment to 4 in this specific case.
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