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14 June, 22:08

With more and more users using mobile to look at websites, it is key that you optimise your site so users can find it when searching online. Which two elements should you look to optimise for improved SEO performance?

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  1. 14 June, 23:51
    Site speed and usability.


    Web pages are developed using web development tools like HTML, CSS, jа vascript etc. A collection of these web pages are called a website. The web is a hosted for internet use in a web server.

    All requests for a website in a web server is done in a web browser in a client device. For a website to be easy searched for, the search engine optimisation technique is used.

    A hosted website on a server must have a unique and usable domain name and the page loading on a browser should be made faster by optimising the size of the scripting language.
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