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Given two variables firstInClass and secondInClass which have already been associated with values, write code which swaps the values to which they are associated. For example, if firstInClass starts with the value "Pat", and secondInClass starts with the value "Wei", firstInClass should wind up associated with "Wei" and secondInClass should wind up associated with "Pat". Note: you should NOT assign values to firstInClass and secondInClass.

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  1. 15 December, 04:58
    Following are the code in the python language

    if firstInClass. startswith ("Pat") and secondInClass. startswith ("Wei") : #check the #condition

    firstInClass, secondInClass = secondInClass, firstInClass #swap value


    Following are the description of statement

    Firstly we check the condition the string start with pat with the string start with the Wei string along with the and operator with them. If the condition is true then it executed the block of if statement means executed the statement inside the if block. It means it swap the statement without assigning the value.
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