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In the Remote Access Domain, if private data or confidential data is compromised remotely, you should set automatic blocking for attempted logon retries.

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  1. 5 November, 05:17


    If your server has been hacked, accessed by Remote access domain, these are tips or recommendations:

    - Disable the Remote Desktop service on the affected computer and close port 3389 on the router so that your server is not accessible by Remote Desktop from the Internet, as another hacker can re-access and encrypt more files or encrypt over those already encrypted ...

    - Ensure that the virus is not active, to do this place some files to see if they are encrypted or not.

    - Scan the server with an updated antivirus.

    - Open Task Manager, view active processes, and end the encryption process, which is usually Payload. exe

    - Change the passwords of all users of the computer.

    - Install a good paid antivirus, we recommend these:

    - Configure the antivirus with password protection, so hackers cannot uninstall or deactivate it.

    - You can use a desktop blocking program such as Eusing Maze Lock.

    - Use a network firewall and VPN connection to remotely access the computer.

    - Never use direct connection by Remote Desktop without VPN.

    - Set up an online backup or an appropriate backup policy.
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