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A junior security analyst is working on a new ticketing system called ITCustomers. Now and is working in a new field within the tickets dealing with human mistakes as security incidents. A business executive, while traveling, was surfing a gambling site on his laptop at the airport and downloaded a virus that infected the company's e-mail system. In filling out the ticket, the junior analyst selected "carelessness with laptops" as the human error. Was the junior analyst's description of the human mistake on the ticket accurate? Why or why not?

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  1. 27 January, 17:18
    Junior analyst's description isn't right.


    "carelessness with laptops" isn't the correct description for the mistake or error, and looks like some physical event occurred like laptop computer getting damaged, because of the error, rather than software virus infection.

    A more accurate description would be "not being careful enough while surfing the internet and visiting websites".
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