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20 February, 07:07

Which of the following is/are FALSE about refining aluminum from the ore state (mark all that apply) a) - A blast furnace is used b) - The ore is called bauxite c) - The process uses a lot of electricity d) - Coke is used to produce the heat

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  1. 20 February, 08:21
    The options a) - A blast furnace is used and d) - Coke is used to produce the heat are FALSE.


    Aluminium is a chemical element and the most abundant metal present in the Earth's crust. An aluminium ore is called bauxite. Aluminium is extracted from its ore by the process of electrolysis, called the Hall-Héroult process. The extraction of aluminium is an expensive process as it requires large amount of electricity. The bauxite is purified to produce aluminium oxide. Then, aluminium is extracted from the aluminium oxide.

    Therefore, the refining of aluminum from its ore does not involve the use of a blast furnace and coke to produce heat.
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