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12 October, 11:36

Determine if each of the following statements is true or false:

1. Larger atoms are better nucleophiles due to polarizability.

2. The identity of the nucleophile affects the rate of an SN1 reaction.

3. SN2 reactions proceed via frontside attack.

4. Bimolecular reactions tend to be stereoselective.

5. SN2 reactions invert all stereocenters in a haloalkane.

6. Cl-, OH-, and H - are good all leaving groups.

7. Good bases tend to be good nucleophiles

8. Branching adjacent to a reacting carbon slows SN2 reactions due to steric hindrance.

9. SN1 reactions are slowed by hyperconjugation of the carbocation intermediate.

10. The rate determining step for SN1 reactions is the same as the rate determining step for E1 reactions.

Answers (2)
  1. 12 October, 13:00
    1) true (reason is due to polarizability given in statement)

    2) false (nucleophile does not involve in rate determining step)

    3) false (it is an inverse attack, attacks from backside)

    4) true

    5) false (it inverts stereo centres which are being attacked)

    6) false (not H-)

    7) true (strong bases are good nucleophiles)

    8) true (because of steric hindrance)

    9) false (ther are stabilized by hyper conjugation)

    10) false
  2. 12 October, 13:11
    1) True

    2) False

    3) False



    6) True

    7) True

    8) True

    9) False

    10) True


    1) Generally, polarization increases down the column of the periodic table.
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