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28 January, 11:33

Read the excerpt from "The Wedding Night" and answer the question.

All at once, I felt something pulling at my dress. It was Bijou, wholly forgotten since morning. The poor beast was saying adieu to me after his fashion. This gave my heart a little blow, and I felt a great desire to embrace my dog. I seized him ... and began to devour him with kisses. I love to caress animals. It gives me a sweet pleasure, causing a kind of delicious shiver.

Which best describes a character trait demonstrated by the character's actions in this excerpt?

A. joyfulness

B. selfishness

C. childishness

D. imaginativeness

Answers (2)
  1. 28 January, 11:50
    i guess is C. childishness
  2. 28 January, 13:04
    I think the answer is c
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