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23 August, 11:27

3 run on sentences 3 sentence fragment and 4 complete sentence plis

Mixed plis

Answers (2)
  1. 23 August, 12:07
    I went swimming I went to the park I went home. I am good I am really hungry and I need to go now now and I want to go home and I need to go. I hate this and I hate bananas and the park has cool dogs.

    The dog. The banana did. I left and.

    I want to go home. I like pasta. I am cool. I like pie.
  2. 23 August, 12:50
    Hi! I went to the grocery mart one day and then I went to the gym and then I went to the park and then I fed my pet. I had a ton of fun that day. I wish I could do that everyday because then I would have lots of fun instead of doing homework that takes hours and doing chores like washing dishes and feeding my dog even though I like feeding my dog but not unless I just walked him to the park. I like going to the park with my dog because he likes it too. I love my dog so much I'll do anything for him. I am going to do the same thing tomorrow except even better because I am going to Disneyland and getting a new dog but I am going to get a girl this time because I already have a boy and I want to know if a girl dog will act the same especially behavior wise because the boy dog I have is not good at behaving. Bye! I hope you like hearing about my day!
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