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19 March, 17:27

How do you dee and her boyfriend contrast with mama and Maggie

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  1. 19 March, 17:51


    y not
  2. 19 March, 18:40
    Dee and Maggie are sisters who had a completely different lifestyle. Mom and Maggie live in a different world from Dee and her boyfriend. The writer connects her story with fable "the mouse of the city and the mouse of the country". TM (Dee) : formal, educated, well dressed, clear skin, beautiful hair, without fear of saying what she thinks. Dee thinks that her mother and sister are living incorrectly and tries to change their lifestyle and Mom and Maggie dee's way of life seems funny to them and they fear Dee. Mam does not know how to address Dee. CM (Maggie) : darker skin with burn marks, walks like a lame animal. Her nerves will relax until Dee leaves, does not talk much and depends on her mother. When Dee and her boyfriend arrive Maggie hides behind her mother and feels uncomfortable. Dee likes good food, costly dresses and jewelry.
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