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11 June, 04:44

Read the excerpt from "Bruh Lizard and Bruh Rabbit" from The People Could Fly.

One day Bruh Lizard has to go away. And Bruh Rabbit, he sneak up and he steal Bruh Lizard's sword. Bruh Rabbit laughs to heself because he now got Sword.

Which human characteristic does the rabbit show?





Answers (2)
  1. 11 June, 06:33
    Answer: I would argue that the right answer is the C) Trickery.

    Explanation: Just to elaborate a little on the answer, it can be added that since the rabbit is sneaking up in order to steal the sword-rather than being honest and ask to borrow it, for instance-and he laughs to himself when he gets it, it is possible to infer that he is showing neither carelessness nor anger or confusion, but trickery, deceit, and slyness. He has taken advantage of a specific circumstance-Bruh Lizard's departure - and has used it to his own advantage.
  2. 11 June, 06:36
    The answer to the question is trickery
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