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1 February, 04:19

What are 2 methods of waste management that are not good for society

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  1. 1 February, 06:09
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    Disposal to landfill

    Thermal treatment

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    Disposal to landfill is also known as a dump. When you take your trash or garbage to a garbage dump, you probably wonder what they do with it. Well, they take it away then throw it over an edge to never be dealt with again. There are heaps upon heaps of just trash from us humans. They don't burn it, bury it, or anything else. They just let it sit there. People are all against littering, but this is beyond littering. We are ruining our environment when we do this.

    Thermal treatment is the way we use heat to get rid of our garbage. These methods of thermal treatment include: Incineration, Gasification and Pyrolysis and open burning. For example, instead of dumping or burying our trash, we burn it. This is not good for the air or for the earth. We pollute ourselves and our air when we do this. People burn their trash in their backyard, not even at a burning site. This is extremely bad.

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