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25 December, 21:22

Which parts of this excerpt from Beowulf describe the speaker's brave accomplishments?

1. I braved in my youth-days battles unnumbered;

Still 2. am I willing the struggle to look for,

Fame-deeds perform, folk-warden prudent,

If the hateful despoiler forth from his cavern

Seeketh me out!" Each of the heroes,

3. Helm-bearers sturdy, he thereupon greeted

Belovèd co-liegemen-his last salutation:

"No brand would I bear, no blade for the dragon,

4. Wist I a way my word-boast to 'complish

Else with the monster, as with Grendel I did it;

5. But fire in the battle hot I expect there,

6. Furious flame-burning: so I fixed on my body

Target and war-mail. The ward of the barrow

I'll not flee from a foot-length, the foeman uncanny.

At the wall 'twill befall us as Fate decreeth,

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Answers (2)
  1. 25 December, 22:28
    I think its four. It seems like he's saying he's boasting.
  2. 25 December, 22:37
    Speaker's brave conquests are mentioned or at least cited in the following options from the excerpt:

    Option 1, in which he tells about his innumerable combats he had won. Option 4 also celebrates his fight with Grendel. In Option 6, the speaker is showing us how valiant his action in the field of war can be.

    Therefore, I assume, from my understanding, that these are the three statements from the provided excerpt which focus on the narrators heroic accomplishments.
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