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6 November, 08:04

Read the following passage from journal of the adventures of a party of california gold-seekers by margaret frink: saturday, june 15. this morning we started at eight o'clock. our friends, the carson boys, from cincinnati, came up with us here. we made a long drive to-day of twenty-six miles and camped within three miles of the crossing of the north platte. for several days past we have been traveling among extensive thickets of sage-brush, or artemisia. it has the odor of turpentine mixed with camphor, which fills the air. which of the following statements best describes how the author connects the sequence of events in this passage?

a. she describes the scenery in a way that makes the reader experience it.

b. she notes the significant landmarks of the journey from indiana.

c. she records details of the date, time, and distance traveled.

d. she shares details of the landscape and her impression of them.

Answers (2)
  1. 6 November, 08:38
    The answer is c on apex
  2. 6 November, 09:38
    The right answer is C apex!
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