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14 December, 16:51

When you've been away form a friend for so long and you just now reunite with them, you normally get that weird feeling in the bottom if your stomach don't you? Does anyone know what that means and also what if it's awkward between you and that person?

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  1. 14 December, 17:50
    Well i’m guessing you’ve been talking to this person otp for most of the time, but i would think that the reason why you’re nervous is bc you’re trying not to mess things up, or to say something weird that might mess up the moment. the feeling in your stomach is what’s called "butterflies in your stomach" meaning that funny feeling you get when you’re nervous about something. the best advice i can give you is to just watch their body language and try to make throngs a little more easy for them so they feel more welcome like they normally would texting or otp.
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