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28 March, 23:42

The narrator of "Everyday Use" describes Maggie in what kind of terms?

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  1. 29 March, 00:09
    Answer: Maggie is presented as a rather withdrawn woman, who lacks confidence due to her scars.


    In "Everyday Use", a short story by Alice Walker, Maggie is a rather shy young woman. She got burned in a house fire when she was young, which left scars on her arms and legs. She is described as having no confidence and avoiding eye contact. In fact, the narrator describes her as barely recognized by the rest of the world. The narrator even suggests that she cannot see very well and has trouble reading:

    "Sometimes Maggie reads to me. She stumbles along good naturedly but can't see well. She knows she is not bright. Like good looks and money, quickness passed her by."

    However, despite her flaws, Maggie is essentially a kind person.
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