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30 August, 17:42

Marlene submitted her * blank * to three film production companies.



Answers (2)
  1. 30 August, 18:23
    A). Screenplay.


    Screenplay refers to a written text created by screenwriters for a film, television program, etc. to be spoken or enacted by the characters of the work. It offers the dialogues, expressions, actions, and movement to the characters that add life to them. It is the screenplay that determines the worth of a film, television program, etc. As per the question, the answer that best compliments the meaning of the sentence is option A as it describes that Marlene submitted her screenplay (written text) to the film production companies so that they could look for its worth. Thus, the correct answer is option A.
  2. 30 August, 19:24
    Script I believe is correct here
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