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1 April, 03:16

From "The Carolina Way" what is the following quote an example of? " I made them understand that our plan would fall apart if they didn't take care of one another: set screens; play team defense; box out; pass to the open man."

A. cultural context

B. shared value

C. historical context

D. universal theme

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  1. 1 April, 04:56
    The correct option is B.

    Shared value refers to fundamental concepts and principles that underlie the practice in a particular team or organization and which serve as guide for members when it comes to decision making and carrying out their activities.

    From the passage given above, the coach is advising the team members to imbibe unity and togetherness when they are on the field, this is an example of shared value, which is capable of enhancing their success when they are on the field.
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