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22 December, 14:55

The plot of Antigone incorporates various elements of tragedy. Through which character does Sophocles primarily develop the element of hubris?

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  1. 22 December, 15:28
    Through Creon does Sophocles primarily develop the element of hubris (excessive pride) in "Antigone". It is Creon's hubris that causes his downfall and there are numerous examples of his excessive pride that foreshadows his end.
  2. 22 December, 16:28
    I would say Creon.

    Hubris refers to excessive pride and self-confidence, which Creon exhibits in abundance. He put himself above gods, and his own civil laws above religious laws, which sparked the entire tragedy in this play. If it weren't for his hubris, then Antigone wouldn't have had to fight for her brother's righteous funeral, and everybody would still be alive. But then this wouldn't be a famous tragedy.
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