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12 October, 20:03

10 sentences about ecotourism in all countries

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  1. 12 October, 21:19
    Ecotourism (tourism in nature) is a form of travel to unpolluted landscapes, cultural places. preserving nature.


    Ecotourism takes place in natural environment.

    Visiting spas, uninhabited places, natural habitats.

    Ecotourism is a way of tourism to preserve nature, enjoy in it and minimize pollution.

    It uses as little modern technology as possible to merge with nature.

    Hiking, Eco trekking, staying on the river, rafting, are also types of ecotourism.

    An important goal of ecotourism is to gain environmental awareness and knowledge.

    Cultural education is one of the important parts of ecotourism, since one of its main purpose is a cultural heritage to be visited.

    All countries in recent years have been trying to increase ecotourism in order to reduce pollution of the natural environment and connect people with nature.

    Ecotourism is mostly used by tourists who have a strong connection to nature and thus want to stay in it.

    There are many tourism organizations that include only ecotourism as their travel program.
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