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27 August, 20:07

Ow Zeus the lord of cloud roused in the north

a storm against the ships, and driving veils

of squall moved down like night on land and sea.

The bows went plunging at the gust; sails

cracked and lashed out strips in the big wind.

We saw death in that fury, dropped the yards,

unshipped the oars, and pulled for the nearest lee:

then two long days and nights we lay offshore

worn out and sick at heart, tasting our grief,

until a third Dawn came with ringlets shining.

-The Odyssey,


Which stage of the hero's journey is represented in this passage?

the call to adventure

the return home

the road of trials

the transformation answer: C

Answers (1)
  1. 27 August, 21:46
    the road of trials
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