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31 March, 10:02

Which of the following quotes from the text is an example of "foreshadowing"?

A. Who cares how a jaguar feels? Perhaps the jaguar does, observed Whitney. Bah! They've no understanding.

B. The night crawled slowly by.

C. No animal had a chance with me anymore. That is no boast; it is a mathematical certainty. The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason. "I had to invent a new animal to hunt," he said.

D. The lights from the windows sent a flickering illumination that made grotesque patterns on the courtyard below, and Rainsford could see moving about there a dozen or so huge black shapes; as they turned toward him, their eyes glittered greenly.

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  1. 31 March, 11:25


    I'm assuming this question is about the story the Most Dangerous Game. In the story humans are hunted, knowing this the phrase "I had to invent a new animal to hunt," foreshadows such an event.
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