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12 December, 20:57

What significance does the repetition of the word raga have in this excerpt from "Unanimity Has Been Achieved, Not a Dot Less for Its Accidentalness" by Bob Kaufman? Raga of lip, raga of brass, raga of ultimate come with yesterday, raga of a parched tongue-walked lip, raga of yellow, raga of mellow, raga of new, raga of old, raga of blue, raga of gold, raga of air spinning into itself

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  1. 12 December, 22:31
    The latter, along with South American and other translations, have earned Kaufman a ... had a shaping part in creating with the journalist Herb Caen the term 'beatnik' ... One can detect a litany of cries and responses and the repetition of stated ... in "Unanimity Has Been Achieved Not a Dot Less for its Accidentalness," a.
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