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2 April, 09:35

Select one of the readings in this unit and in at least one hundred words, discuss how immediacy, foreshadowing, and commentary work to show author's purpose, meaning, or tone and style.

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  1. 2 April, 11:00
    the immitidity The reality shows us that patience is not one of the characteristics of the essays, but that they are usually primary aspects such as the immediate one, which end up conditioning their overall perception of the product.

    It is necessary to find the method for the user who first registers on our SaaS platform perceives its value immediately. This is possible and in fact there are several interesting use cases. For example, the SEO MOZ tool has an excellent reception process to which it has access from the moment the entrance to its platform is produced as evidence.

    An omen is a phenomenon that is believed to serve to guess the future, and that often refers to the advent of a change. It is also called augury, like those performed by augurs in ancient Rome.

    The interpretation of omens and prophetic signs is a form of divination.

    Divinatory practices were also related to primitive medicine in the pre-Christian era.
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