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11 May, 05:47

Which is the correct MLA format for a parenthetical citation for this medical


Henry, John. "Studies in the impact of cola on student achievement," Medicine

1016 (2013) : 89-105. Print.

A. (Henry, John 89)

B. (Medicine 101, Henry)

C. (Henry 89)

D. (Student Achievement 89)

Answers (2)
  1. 11 May, 06:13
    Answer: C) (Henry 89).

    Explanation: In the MLA format the parenthetical citation should be made in a specific way: first we have to put the quotation that we want, after the quotation marks we write the last name of the author of the source from which we took the quotation, followed by the number of the page in which the quotation is (they shouldn't be separated by any punctuation mark), this two elements must be between parentheses. So the option that follows all the instructions is option C.
  2. 11 May, 06:29
    The correct answer is C
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