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7 June, 04:00

Why is it important to look at a larger societys needs instead of lookin at an individual's needs

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  1. 7 June, 04:10
    It is always better to look at the benefit or good effect of a single scenario or event to everybody or majority.

    A good scenario that would benefit larger audience or crowd or society will give positive impact to every individual involved. It will inspire youths of the lesson learned from what happened and will make them do the same to future generations. In a single society composed of different individuals, every one has different need and problem, therefore, seeing a good for everyone is really beneficial when it comes to economic, moral and personal need of the people. Meanwhile, individual needs have smaller impact because the one involve is a single person. When this person encountered a problem, the effect would be small. The only advantage of individualism is when these individuals grouped themselves together and agreed on something. For some example of larger society needs vs individual needs, let's take a look at the example below:

    There is a small oil source in an island which was found by a single person. He tried to transported the oil to nearby villages and he gained himself loads of money and he became successful in life.

    Another story looks like this: There is a small village, people living in there found an island with a small source of oil. They used the oil in their economic needs like fuel. The small village became progressive and they developed the source into something bigger. Then on, they supply oil to nearby villages.

    From the two examples above, huge impact and benefits goes to the small village. Their people has access to the resources and they even supplied to other nearby villages which can progress live what happened to them. Although, one disadvantage might happen if larger crowd will be involved: since more individuals are involved, resources may be prone to abuse. There are measures that could be taken to prevent this. Monitoring of resources might be required.
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