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13 June, 17:02

Mrs. Johnson's third grade class is creating a model of their school grounds. Each group of students is responsible for different aspects of the model. Some are cutting cardboard, some are painting, and some are making miniature figurines out of play dough. Eventually, Mrs. Johnson will combine all these elements into a finished product. Which of the following visual processes in the brain is this scenario most analogous to?

a. Transduction

b. Binding

c. Feature detection

d. Subminal perception

Answers (2)
  1. 13 June, 17:07
    As Mrs Johnson will combine elements into the finished product as combination of elements is involved so Binding is the best analogous word.
  2. 13 June, 17:27
    The answer is b) binding.


    The process is analogous to binding for it resembles the process of binding, that is of combining different elements of an observed object. In other words, The integration of different stimulus properties as an object is the process of feature binding.
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