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25 December, 00:58

Which of the following is a valid statement? A. A research paper should rely most heavily on directly quoted material in order to avoid plagiarism and provide variety in syntax. B. An interesting research paper will include a variety of directly quoted and paraphrased sources and diverse sentence structures. C. If the outline is well-crafted, the researcher just needs to write one draft of the paper, as everything he/she needs will only have to be put together. D. The tone of a research paper requires a stilted, formal type of writing using only long, complex sentences to describe evidence from many sources.

Answers (2)
  1. 25 December, 02:08
    The correct statement is B. Using different types of sentences and varying between paraphrasing and direct quoting will keep a reader interested.
  2. 25 December, 02:43
    I would say that the answer is b because the rest of the answers are taking normal things a little too far, such as you should never heavily quote just to avoid plagiarism, but you should use quotes.
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