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30 January, 15:24

Which of the following most likely comes from an autobiography?

A. Irving Wallace, an American bestselling author, was born in 1916. He started his career by selling his stories to magazines. He has also written scripts for Hollywood movies and TV programs.

B. The "Go Green" campaign was started by a group of local boys. They encouraged people to plant more trees. What started out as a small, local project has now made waves at the national level.

C. Martin looked tense as Manchester United struggled to make the winning goal. When Bob, his little son, crawled toward him and clutched his leg, trying to stand on his wobbly feet, Martin forgot his anxiety and smiled down at him.

D. I remember the day I jumped in the pond after my dog, to save him from drowning. My love for him made me forget that I was scared of water and that I didn't know how to swim. I still feel surprised that today I am a national-level swimmer.

Answers (2)
  1. 30 January, 16:01
    An autobiography is a biography about one person's life, written by that same person. That means there will be personal pronouns, such as I, myself, my, etc.

    The answer is D, since it contains personal pronouns.
  2. 30 January, 16:19
    D from an autobiographical paper D would be best suited
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