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6 February, 01:51

Read the excerpt from the Be Cool section of "Everyday Survival." In the past few decades, technologies like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have allowed researchers such as Bruce McEwen at Rockefeller University to demonstrate that stress changes the shape and chemistry of the brain, resulting in trouble remembering, difficulty completing tasks, and altered behavior. In effect, losing your cool makes you stupid. Which answer most accurately explains the meaning of the word stupid as it is used in the excerpt?

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  1. 6 February, 02:41
    ignorant, wrong


    in the study by Rockefeller university of the effect of stress on the brain, stress makes people sometimes loose their cool. losing your cool makes you stupid can be change to losing your cool makes you ignorant or wrong. this is two of the best option that is suitable to use in place of stupid because losing your cool in this sense is as a result of stress that is acting on your brain and changing the chemical reactions or chemistry in/of your brain and acting on your nerves. you are ignorant of the fact that you do not know what stress can do to your brain and as a result make you to lose your cool. you are wrong in the sense you lose your cool and you do not know what stress can do to the shape and chemistry in your brain. stupid is usually used to refer to people who are not intelligent that is very dull, ignorant, lack common sense and foolish and always at wrong.
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