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27 August, 22:54

How does the stranger trick Jim Smiley?

1. He pours quailshot into Smiley's frog's mouth, weighing it down.

2. He gives Smiley's frog shots, so he is too drunk to move.

3. He replaces Smiley's frog with a bigger, slower frog.

4. He feeds Smiley's frog and makes him sick.

Answers (1)
  1. 28 August, 00:05
    1. He pours quailshot into Smiley’s frog’s mouth, weighing it down.

    Jim Smiley is outwitted when he made a bet with a stranger and lost, the stranger feeds Dan'l Webster "quail shot" to make him heavier, or to make him unable to jump high.
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