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Write an informative essay on a Greek mythical character. Your essay will use research to summarize the plot of the myth and explain the mythical character's cultural significance. << Read Less StylesNormalFontSize

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  1. 23 July, 21:56
    You can write an essay about Hercules, for example. You will mention his background, that he is the son of god, Zeus, and a mortal woman, and that he is thus a demigod. You can mention his trials and how he had to compete with numerous people and other creatures in order to fulfill his destiny. You can talk about his tragic life and destiny, and what happened to his family. And when it comes to his cultural significance, you can talk about his strength and what his name means to nations all over the world today. There are many geographical places that have his name and he is an important mythical and cultural character for both the Greeks who invented him and the rest of the world.
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