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5 February, 00:52

Why does Faustus wish to be a beast?

A.) beasts feel no pain

B.) a beasts soul is not immortal

C.) beasts do not have souls

D.) god forgives beasts for their sins

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  1. 5 February, 01:50
    Faustus wish to be a beast because (A) Beasts feel no pain.


    Faustus is very clever and urges for many things in life. He wants knowledge and power that surpasses that of humans.

    Mephistopheles is the beast Faustus wishes to be. He thinks that he can fulfil all his dreams only by becoming a devil or a beast. So, he makes a deal with the beast and exchanges his soul with that of a beast in lure of knowledge and power. Faustus thinks that all beats are happy and when they die their souls dissolve. So, throughout his life, he commits sin and when at the end he realises his mistake and repents. But it is too late then.
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