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9 March, 18:25

What are some character traits of bullies

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  1. 9 March, 19:27
    Bullying comes in many shapes or forms my man, but i'll play along. What makes them "stand out" is that they're usually already picking on someone. If they're in a group, they tend to be infront of the pack, people usually step aside from him/her cause they're scared of her/him. I could go into more detail if you would like.
  2. 9 March, 19:29
    May witness physical and verbal violence or aggression at home. They have a positive view of this behavior, and they act aggressively toward other people, including adults.

    May hit or push other children.

    Are often physically strong.

    May or may not be popular with other children around their same age.

    Have trouble following rules.

    Show little concern for the feelings of others.

    Many bullies think highly of themselves. They like being looked up to. And they often expect everyone to behave according to their wishes. Children who bully are often not taught to think about how their actions make other people feel.
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