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8 November, 06:12

When I turned fifteen, my uncle bought me a model rocket. I was skeptical at first, thinking it was a toy for a kid. But my uncle explained that it contained everything needed for a real launch, from an engine to a parachute.

A. by crediting the inventor of the rocket

B. by identifying the parts of the rocket

C. by comparing the rocket to a toy

D. by explaining how to launch the rocket

The answer is "B" on EDGE!

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  1. 8 November, 07:14
    B. by identifying the parts of the rocket is the correct answer.


    To indicate the correct answer, let's use the discarding method.

    Letter A is incorrect because the name of the inventor of the rocket is not relevant to indicate the necessary parts for a real launch.

    Letter C is incorrect because it could go in the wrong direction, meaning that the boy could me more skeptical if the rocket were compared to a toy, even though some parts were similar.

    Letter D is an important part to let the boy know how the rocket was launched, but this could be also shown with a toy or any other item, as long as it has a similar shape.

    Finally, letter B is correct because a model is a representation (3D) of someone or something, and it usually shows in detail (as much as possible) the parts of a machine, like in the question. By this, the boy would understand why the model is not a toy.
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