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21 July, 05:25

Read the passage below. Anything distracting a driver operating a vehicle is potentially dangerous. One such distraction is texting on a cell phone because it requires the driver to look away from the road, even if for just a few seconds. Similarly, talking on one's cell phone can also cause a distraction because the person is listening to the speaker on the other end and not paying sole attention to the road in front of them. In summary, the best thing to do while driving is to concentrate only on the road. What signal word or phrase lets the reader know how texting and talking on one's cell phone while driving are alike?

A. because

B. similarly

C. one such

D. in summary

Answers (2)
  1. 21 July, 06:08
    The correct answer is B. Similarly


    In the text presented, the author describes the way distractions while driving is potentially dangerous. For doing this, the author presents two examples one related to texting on cell phones and other related to talking on the phone, this two examples are related in the sentence "Similarly, talking on one's cell phone can also cause a distraction" in which the author moves from the first idea to the second by using the signal word "similarly" that directly creates a comparison. Thus, the signal word used in this case to state two ideas are alike is "similarly".
  2. 21 July, 07:22
    Answer: similarly

    Explanation: b
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