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31 March, 08:14

She had named me, her second of four daughters, after herself-so we shared the same name. Of all her babies, she reports, I was the best behaved, until I learned to talk. Then, I would not shut up. I always had to answer her back when I disagreed with her. Childhood was rocky, but adolescence was a full-fledged war. - "A Genetics of Justice," Julia Alvarez What is the central idea in this paragraph?

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  1. 31 March, 08:41
    B: they often disagreed


  2. 31 March, 09:08
    The central idea of this paragraph is to inform the reader about the author and her relationship with her mother from an early age. We are told how mother and daughter got along starting from the fact they shared a common name, through the well-behaved baby phase and the rocky chatty childhood until reaching the belligerent teenager stage.
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